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Solar panels are at the forefront of renewable energy generation across the globe. From small-scale domestic solar panel set-ups through to sprawling commercial solar panel installations – the sun’s rays are being harnessed to create free electricity without negatively impacting upon the environment.

When it comes to solar panels in the UK, there is an added incentive to investing in solar panel installation – the feed in tariff system. The UK Government has pledged to have 7 million homes using solar power by 2020 and in order to make this ambition reality they established the feed in tariff which states that those who produce their own power through renewable means earn money for every unit they generate – whether they use it or sell it back to the national grid. Although changes in February 2016 have reduced the subsidies for the feed in tariff, this system means that solar panels are not only an environmentally ethical investment but also one which yields a return on investment with virtually zero risk.

Here at Barton Knight Electrical, we are solar panel installers who specialise in the installation of solar PV systems for both home and commercial use. If you would like to find out if solar panels are a wise investment for your home or business then give us a call or fill in our contact form for a free, no obligation quote or discussion.

Commercial Solar Panels

Businesses in the UK are under increasing pressure to minimise their impact upon the environment in order to help the government to achieve carbon emission and renewable energy targets. In certain industries failure to comply with energy efficiency measures can result in financial penalties.

In addition to encountering pressure to re-assess the environmental impact of their operations, many organisations are also experiencing escalating overheads due to consistent increases in energy prices on an almost annual basis. Essentially, businesses are suffering on two fronts as a consequence of their electricity consumption: they are shouldering much of the blame for carbon emissions whilst also paying out huge sums to purchase power from the National Grid. Commercial solar panels can help to solve both of these problems whilst also supplementing revenue in the process.

We have installed domestic and commercial solar panel systems for companies of all sizes to allow them to draw a proportion of their energy from the sun. The commercial Solar PV systems we provide allow businesses to slash their CO2 emissions, reduce their overheads and also benefit from the governments feed in tariff rates.

Not only do commercial solar panels provide financial benefits to businesses of all sizes, but also represent a giant step in terms of ecological sustainability, environmental ethics and carbon neutrality. The installation of a solar panel system goes a long way towards improving the green credentials of any organisation, making for a solid investment in terms of finance and reputation.

To discuss the suitability of a commercial solar panel system for your premises please contact us for a no obligation assessment on 0800 005 1005.

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