Residential House Rewires

Complete or partial home rewires

Most rewires to domestic properties come about for one or more of the following reasons.

  • As a result of an inspection report
  • Observations made by others, whilst work has been carried out
  • Problems with sockets or lights not working
  • Old light fittings, sockets and wiring
  • Insufficient sockets and light points

It may be that the installation is worn and does not have an up-to-date fuse board, and as such would not conform to today’s wiring regulations (BS7671). However that’s not to say that the whole installation will need replacing. You may find that by installing a new fuse board and the replacement of a few sockets and/or light fittings, it could be brought up-to-date. To establish just what the condition is of your installation, you should have a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) carried out which¬†would then identify any areas that need attention.

Remember a rewire is the most disruptive and invasive work that a property can undergo. The best time to have this work carried out is before you move in, so if possible try to find out if your new home needs a rewire before you move in. However if you are now happily living in your home which is in need of a rewire, there are a couple of ways the work could be carried out which we can assist with.

Modern houses place a much higher demand on the electrical system than in years past, so if you have antiquate wiring it is an accident waiting to happen. Even if the safety issues aren’t enough to convince you, you will have to get your electrics updated before you sell your house or rent it out; a basic electrical periodic inspection report will reveal any inadequate or defective electrical systems and prove if a building or home is electrically safe. No mortgage lender will lend money on a house that could be a potential fire hazard.

If you have concerns about the electrical systems in your property then contact Barton Knight Electrical using our simple contact form or by telephoning us directly on 0800 005 1005.

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